We established Bancard in 2008, and the first prominent assignments were implemented in the banking sector in the field of card business. We think that continuous development and growth are important, since we represent premium services for our premium customers. As the years went by more and more diverse projects and technically competent team will be expanding more and more wide-ranging experience.

Who we worked with

OTP Bank

Replacement of credit card back-office systems

Participation in the professional evaluation of tenderer’s proposals, assessing the possible supplier risks regarding the implementation, undertaking necessary supplier-specific duties, including the following major tasks:

Assisting the job of the output segment: understanding private and business debit card products and their operational processes as the first step, defining card issuer processes;

Answering RFP tenderer questions, adjusting with the relevant business segment, selecting the supplier.

Assisting the GAP analysis post-order.

ApplePay and 3D-Secure project, professional support of strong customer authentication (SCA)

Introducing Apple Pay and implementing strong customer authentication at OTP Bank. Professional support of the introduction of EMV 3DS at OTP Bank both on the issuer and the accepting sides. Support of the VTS project

Introduction of the OTP Debit Card product-related instalment loan

Coordinating the project and its groups. Communication with the branches (IT, Legal, Sales, CustomerCare, Accounting). Participation in the creation of the list of requirements. Supervising development, testing and installation.

Payment Accounts Directive (PAD) –legal compliance consulting

Professional support of full-scale revision of commercial and marketing handouts, print and electronic content according to PAD terminology; Preparing educational and exam material for relevant professional fields (e.g.: account system, Call Center); Analyst support in preparing PAD business statement: Preparing business and functional specifications, Transaction identifier data mapping, Automatizing initial database population, Consulting on testing.

End to end advisory

Integrated investment advisory system for business analyst expert support.

Hungarian Cetelem Bank

Data harmonization among reporting systems

Establishing data harmonization between the proprietor and authority reporting systems and internal sales report; Redefining the sales performance reporting system; Gathering business specifications; Selecting programming supplier; Supporting implementation on client side.

Implementing IT duties of proprietor and authority audit

Assisting the proprietor and authority audit revelations IT-connected implementation; Creating and implementing the IT governance system; Reviewing and renewing the IT risk management software; Conducting risk evaluation; Developing executive management guidelines.

Loan moratorium

We provided business specifications (BRD) for developments induced by the loan moratorium and supported the developments.

Monetary institution equal to a credit institution (overseen by MNB)

Reviewing and updating IT governing framework

Updating the order, administration, obsolescence policies of IT asset management systems. Based on the assessment of systems and processes:

  • Synthesizing SLAs of business requirements and the IT services,
  • Creating BIA methodology, conducting a full organizational survey, evaluating such research according to the established evaluation criteria,
  • Validating data classification regulation, populating data inventory (based on the survey)
  • Fine –tuning of the current risk analysis model, reviewing and updating of the risk analysis control-list (with emphasis on the calculation of the damages, optimization of security measures, methodology for quantifying damage-control effect, and assessment of residual risk.)
  • Updating IBSZ’s chapter on MDM, testing of certain threshold-security systems

    OTP Mobil Ltd.

    OTP Mobile entered the market in 2014 with its Simple mobile payment service. Bancard gave technical and project support regarding preparation and development of the server back-end systems at Simple application.

    Supporting SZÉP Card smartphone application development

    • Assembling supporting material for executive decision making in the financial services sector;
    • Clarifying questions concerning the developments with the fields involved: harmonizing specifications between the banking developmental field and Finit;
    • Consulting on legal compliance and data security questions that might come up during the development of the application;
    • Harmonizing wireframe with an UX expert, devising business specifications based on the results;
    • Coordinating the devise of back-end webservices;
    • Devising a developmental agenda with the relevant fields, supporting the copywriting processes of the application;
    • Coordinating internal consultations, organizing, conducting and administering meetings;
    • Continuous professional consultancy on the above tasks;
    • Defining specifications for IT back-office business requirements;
    • Project administration products (project plans, regular status reports, meeting reminders, task planning)
    • Scenarios including test cases

    Ensuring SZÉP Card IPS compliance, developing payment service provider processes and innovative services

    • Bancard’s consultants support the product development goals of the cafeteria sector conscientiously, professionally prepared and filled with innovative ideas. We have:
    • Compiled the business requirements of the new SZÉP Card smartphone application and prepared the business model of a possible transition to chip card technology
    • Supported the preparation of the connection of SZÉP Card account management system and the Instant Payment System, and have represented the field in bank working committees
    • Organized and lead the consultations on IPS, so that the necessary executive decisions are made in time.
    • Prepared decision supporting materials (PnL model, presentations, implementation studies)
    • Specified business and informatics requirements of the IT system
    • Project administration products (project plans, regular status updates, meeting reminders, task maps)

    Developing the strategy on the OTP Mobil Ltd. Cross-border service portfolio

    We have:

    • Examined the local and the European payment market, assessed the challenges of the upcoming period;
    • Analyzed the possibilities of expanding the service portfolio, prerequisites of new services, licenses required by the legal environment;
    • Examined necessary alternatives to the operational model, analyzed the target markets and prepared a recommendation to the pillars of entering the market;
    • Prepared the business model of the strategy.

    OTP SZÉP Card

    From 2008, we have participated in the construction and operation of the entire OTP SZÉP Card sector as project and program managers and later as business sector managers. Our duties entailed:

    • Defining, developing and managing the poduct
    • Constructing the entire IT system
    • Establishing legal framework, back office and sales procedures

    Turning SZÉP Card services to a payment service provider – GDPR

    Bancard has professionally supported the project entailing the shift of SZÉP Card to a payment service provider in order to ensure the GDPR-compliance of new contracts and other documents, and the newly built IT solutions that came with the project.

    OTP Health Fund

    Project management of IT Developments

    Collecting, organizing and prioritizing IT tasks; the development of an efficient IT process within the organization and the related expert support.

    Hungary’s Fintech Strategy

    We have developed a comprehensive strategy with the inclusion of the financial service executives, governmental – MNB, BM, ITM, DJP – and professional advocacy associations – Bankszövetség, Mabisz, OPOSZ – concerned, and Hungarian Fintech companies. This strategy includes most elements of the financial service sector. The strategy, which allows for the innovative ideas of Hungarian fintech participants, was turned into a governmental bill proposal.

    Humán BioPlazma Ltd. • HIPA • Mevid • Tender
    Assistance Ltd. • Colas Group

    GAP analysis to assess inadequacies; Understanding and processing legal and; IT-related duties; Modifying documents among the tasks grounded in the GAP analysis; Defining roles of data management and data processing

    Overseeing IT methodologies; Modifying IT regulations; Preparing interest assessment tests; Modifying contracts; Annual GDPR training

    Multipont Program

    As business and IT consultant, Bancard helped to manage and implement the Multipont loyalty scheme renewal project. Our role was to design the business model, processes, operation, feasibility, corporate joint venture establishment, IT requirements; to manage IT solution provider RFP and selection, to implement solution.

    American Express Blue

    Credit card withdrawal

    Bancard provided operational management and project management support: expert consulting, operation support, project planning, rolling planning, project team coordination, continuous contact with participants (OTP business, OTP IT, AMEX), project administration, reporting colleagues involved in the project, continuous status reporting, operational project management support and quality assurance of the entire project.

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