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At Bancard, we firmly believe that beside professionalism, the commitment and the continuous curiosity lead to a new and even more satisfactory solutions.


Decades of experience

International experience

Years of commitment to a single project

Regular trainings, CISA qualifications

Integrated and customizable expertise gained on various fields

Our company started its operations in the Central European consulting market in 2008. Ever since the foundation, we have successfully managed numerous projects. Our team possess years of experience in consulting and leadership in various fields (financial institutions, energetics, commerce and state administration). Our colleagues have often participated in the preparation of strategic plans, implementation studies, have devised business models from planning through supporting the introduction to participation in operative execution.



ApplePay and 3D-Secure project, professional support of strong customer authentication (SCA)

Introducing Apple Pay and implementing strong customer authentication at OTP Bank. Professional support of the introduction of EMV 3DS at OTP Bank both on the issuer and the accepting sides. Support of the VTS project.

Implementing IT duties of proprietor and authority audit

Assisting the proprietor and authority audit revelations IT-connected implementation; Creating and implementing the IT governance system; Reviewing and renewing the IT risk management software; Conducting risk evaluation; Developing executive management guidelines.

Monetary institution equal to a credit institution (overseen by MNB)

Reviewing IT governing framework. Updating the order, administration, obsolescence policies of IT asset management systems. System and process assessment.

Our services

Bancard possesses outstanding experience and expertise in working out and reviewing various business models, product development, product management, organizational development, cultivating, redesigning and implementing business processes, selecting optimal IT solutions and supporting their introduction, designing loyalty programs.

Project and program management

Supporting banking business processes

Planning IT and business strategies

Business line development, management, operation

Digital and innovation audit and index

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