About us

Our knowledge base, references and market successes are the most valuable treasures for us. Our creative, experienced and committed team is our outstanding value that we are building our future on. We feel confidence also at international level.

Corporate History


Founding of Bancard

  • Our first outstanding mandates materialized in the banking sector, specifically in the field of card business

Team of experts

  • Within a few years, we broadened our expertise through our staff with an ever-growing professional competence and taking on more and more complex projects


  • We keep continuously training ourselves, to keep up with the evolving trends of the market and digitalization. Our creative, experienced, devoted team is our key asset, on whom we build the company’s future

Founding of RowanHill Digital

  • As an answer to digital challenges, RowanHill Digital Ltd. was founded alongside Bancard Ltd. The December, 2018 establishment of the company was motivated by continuous development along with new demands on the market (Blockchain, AI, Fintech stratégia, IOT)
  • Professional partnership
  • RowanHill Group – together with its members – synthetizes the expertise and competence which can handle any digital challenge that might emerge in the life of a company. Our over 50 professional colleagues have achieved over 150 succesful projects in the last 12 years
Our team performs to a high standard both online and offline

  • We strengthen and expand our professional competencies with a new approach
  • We have implemented more than 200 successful projects with more than 50 expert staff over the past 13 years




successful projects


years in the business


ApplePay and 3D-Secure project, professional support of strong customer authentication (SCA)

Introducing Apple Pay and implementing strong customer authentication at OTP Bank. Professional support of the introduction of EMV 3DS at OTP Bank both on the issuer and the accepting sides. Support of the VTS project.

Implementing IT duties of proprietor and authority audit

Assisting the proprietor and authority audit revelations IT-connected implementation; Creating and implementing the IT governance system; Reviewing and renewing the IT risk management software; Conducting risk evaluation; Developing executive management guidelines.

Monetary institution equal to a credit institution (overseen by MNB)

Reviewing IT governing framework. Updating the order, administration, obsolescence policies of IT asset management systems. System and process assessment.

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